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Hummingbird puts customer knowledge, case management, investigations, and regulatory reporting into a single platform. We empower your team to fight financial crime more effectively while integrating seamlessly with your existing KYC data and activity monitoring systems.

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Solutions for any compliance operation

  • Alert Intelligence

    Hummingbird intelligently handles transaction monitoring alerts from any source, making your triage 10x more efficient.

  • Global SAR filing

    Prepare, validate, and file SARs / STRs in the US, Canada, Europe, and around the world.

  • Bank Partner Referrals

    Manage referrals between fintechs and bank partners to enable collaborative compliance responsibilities.

  • Customer Diligence

    Build a single source of truth for your customers from a compliance & risk perspective.

  • Lending Complaints

    Investigate lending complaints by understanding root causes and making effective adjustments.

  • Transaction Disputes

    Intuitive transaction dispute workflows for card issuers subject to Regulations E and Z.

  • Anti-Fraud

    Investigate fraud cases to identify and plug gaps in your defense.

  • Machine Learning

    Behind the scenes, Hummingbird creates well-structured and labeled data as you conduct investigations to close the loop for your machine learning models.

How it works

  • Import

    1.  Use your existing data and monitoring

    Hummingbird is designed to connect seamlessly to your existing KYC sources, transaction monitoring systems, and data stores. Bulk import spreadsheets or create direct API integrations – either approach gives you efficiency and organization.

  • Collect

    2.  All of your casework under one roof

    Keep everything in sight and within easy reach. Activity alerts, escalations, referrals, customer diligence, periodic reviews, tiplines, law enforcement requests, disputes, complaints – Hummingbird stores and organizes it all. (And all with appropriate permissions and visibility, of course.)

  • Reduce

    3.  Reduce time-per-case by 70-90%

    With a single source of truth for customers and casework, your team will fly through investigations. You’ll eliminate duplicate work, automate report creation, and never have to worry about missing a case deadline.


Built for every link in the compliance chain

  • For Investigators

    Hummingbird is a game-changer for front-line compliance professionals. Its clean, intuitive UI organizes workflows, automates reporting, and streamlines casework. All of which results in faster, more accurate investigations.

  • For Compliance Leadership

    Compliance officers and team managers benefit from effective case management controls, as well as top-down analytics of team performance. Hummingbird gives them structured workflows designed to ensure policies are followed and things get done on time.

  • For Audit & Oversight Managers

    Audit and oversight are part of our DNA. Hummingbird’s leadership team includes former regulators and bank examiners, and we designed our platform to meet even the most stringent audit requirements.

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