Our Diversity Manifesto

At Hummingbird, we’re committed to building a diverse team from the ground up. To communicate our commitment, we’ve decided to publish this manifesto to explain what diversity means to us, why we believe it’s so important, and what we’re doing to build an inclusive culture and a diverse team.

What is Diversity at Hummingbird?

Different people can think very differently about “diversity.” Because of this, we felt it was best to start our manifesto by defining how we think about diversity.

At Hummingbird, our goal is to build a team of people with different viewpoints that originate from different past experiences. We believe that people with different backgrounds, cultures, and identities experience the world in different ways and gain different perspectives. As we build our team, we want to bring a breadth of perspectives to the problems we’re solving. Because we think of diversity as fundamentally originating from different life experiences, our goal is to hire a team with diversity across a wide range of factors. Our ideal team combines people with different genders, races, ethnicities, ages, sexual orientations, abilities, economic classes, past work experiences, and more.

Why is Diversity Important to Hummingbird?

We believe diversity is important to Hummingbird because:

How is Hummingbird Committed to Diversity?

A commitment to diversity is only as strong as the actions taken to secure that commitment.

To build an inclusive culture and a diverse team, we are starting with the following steps:

As our team and company mature, we’ll be continually revisiting this list to make sure our commitments evolve to meet the needs of our growing team.

In Summary

We started our commitment to diversity when we founded our company, and we believe that it is necessary to continuously, consciously, and diligently reinforce that commitment. If you think we’re missing something in our understanding of diversity or have an idea for other actions we can take to build a more diverse and inclusive company, we welcome your input. If you have a perspective we might be missing at Hummingbird, email us at diversity@hummingbird.co - we’d love to talk about how you can contribute.