Does Hummingbird work with my existing monitoring solution?

Yes, Hummingbird is designed to work with existing transaction monitoring and account surveillance solutions. Hummingbird can be used any time you need to manage and review cases. These cases can come from many different sources: unusual activity alerts, periodic account monitoring, referrals, information requests from partners or law enforcement, fraud investigations, and many more.

New cases can be created in Hummingbird programmatically through our API or manually through our product interface. Once created, cases can be populated with any subject information, documents, and sourcing information that you consider related to the case. You can also configure case management settings such as timelines, assignees, and escalation procedures.

Do you have an Information Security policy?

Yes. Security is one of our core values at Hummingbird, and we go to great lengths to keep our customers’ information safe and confidential. The security section of our website provides more detail on our security practices and procedures. If you’d like to review our policy documents and certification reports, please reach out.

Can I try Hummingbird in parallel to my existing AML workflows?

Yes, in fact we recommend doing so. There’s no need to consider a “rip & replace” approach if you’re interested in using Hummingbird. We’ve thoughtfully designed our platform to complement your existing AML systems and workflows. As you try Hummingbird, you’ll notice that many parts of the AML process that were tedious, repetitive, and slow are simply handled for you. The more you use Hummingbird, the more intelligence and automation we’ll be able to add to your AML practice area.

How do I get cases & information into Hummingbird?

Cases and information can be sent to Hummingbird using our APIs and directly through our product interface. Many of our customers use both of these approaches: cases are created and populated first through our APIs, and investigators add more information to the case as needed through our product interface.

New cases can be created and populated with information through our product interface. We’ve carefully designed the information importing process to be incredibly fast and easy. Information can be imported from spreadsheets, text documents, various file formats – we’re always adding support for new input formats.

If you decide to do a deeper integration, our APIs provide RESTful endpoints that are secure and modern. The technologists on your team will find them intuitive and flexible.

Can I get my data back out of Hummingbird?

Yes. Making sure you have secure, convenient access to get your data out of Hummingbird is just as important to us as enabling you to get it in. You can retrieve your data through our APIs or by downloading it through the product interface. Access permissions for data retrieval are carefully controlled so you don’t have to worry about data being downloaded by team members who shouldn't be able to.

Can Hummingbird complement data science & analytics?

Absolutely. Enabling data science is a core philosophy of the Hummingbird platform. One of the biggest challenges with applying modern data science to AML is that data can be fragmented and inconsistently formatted. Furthermore, AML case outcomes are difficult to capture in a manner that is useful for data science. Hummingbird consolidates case information, cleans it, and captures the investigation outcomes in a way to prepares it for training machine learning.

When we make decisions about the Hummingbird platform, enabling data science is one of our top objectives. Machine learning will offer incredible improvements to the effectiveness of AML. The details of how these algorithms can be used in AML is a subject of active discussion between the financial industry, regulators, and policy makers. As that conversation evolves, Hummingbird will ensure that your data is ready for the future.

What is the integration timeline for Hummingbird?

Integration is optional with Hummingbird, and we recommend that you try using Hummingbird in parallel to your existing AML workflows before integrating with our APIs. See our answer to “Can I try Hummingbird in parallel to my existing AML workflows?” for more information.

Because you can use Hummingbird without a deep integration, getting started is incredibly fast and easy. We simply create your accounts and you’re ready to go – it just takes a few minutes.

Do you need access to all of my data?

No, Hummingbird doesn't need access to all of your organization’s data (customers, transactions, etc.). You can use Hummingbird on a case-by-case basis, including only the information relevant to each case.

Can I collect custom information in my case investigations?

Yes. Our standard setup is ready to support the most common types of case information – everything you’d need for filing reports with authorities plus a lot more. But we understand that every organization has unique data, so we also provide the ability to collect custom information.

Hummingbird enables you to collect custom information about the subjects of your cases. For example, if the subject is a person, you can collect custom fields on that person’s record – maybe their favorite detergent brand for laundering money (kidding!).

Case reviews can also be configured to collect custom information from the investigator. You decide which questions to ask the investigator about a case, and Hummingbird will make sure the answers are collected and stored appropriately.

Can you file Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) to FinCEN through Hummingbird?

Yes, Hummingbird automatically prepares Suspicious Activity Reports that match FinCEN’s specifications.

Do you offer Single Sign On (SSO)?

Yes. We integrate with several popular identity providers out-of-the-box, and are happy to add others when requested by a customer.

Do you offer a sandbox environment?

Yes. Hummingbird customers have access to our sandbox environment for testing new features, training teammates, and other uses.

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