Superpowers for Compliance Testing

Testing is an integral part of any compliance function. Robust testing helps compliance officers sleep better at night, knowing that their performance is consistent, correct, and on time. The problem is that current compliance testing practices are painful. The work is often entirely manual, creating workpapers is tedious, and establishing an audit trail is time-consuming. Hummingbird is here to help!

Today, testing functions work like this - compliance personnel:

1. Define the scope of testing every year. This includes:

2. Realize that the work is going to take about 3X more time than your staff can reasonably handle.

3. Freak out.

4. Hire an expensive consultant to help.

In a matter of hours, Hummingbird can implement an entire customized workflow for your testing team.

We have spent the past three years building a world-class flexible case management and investigation platform that is being used by some of the world’s largest financial companies in multiple jurisdictions around the world.

With Hummingbird you can:

If you would like to learn more about how you can 10X the productivity of your testing team while making the quality of the work even better drop us a line at