Modern APIs for Suspicious Activity Reports

Validate, file, and track Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) using our modern APIs.

Sar Filing API

Simple SAR Filing

Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) are the main communication channel in the fight against financial crime, but they can be tricky. Our APIs for SAR filing handle the heavy lifting so that you can focus on investigations.

Global SAR Filing

We’re currently integrated with FinCEN, and new integrations in Europe and other parts of the world are coming soon. Contact us for details.

Rest easy. We’ll keep you up to speed
on the latest SAR specifications.

How it works

Create and validate SAR filings

We map your data to SAR specifications and ensure that your reports are accurate and valid.

Filing Integration

Send your SARs to multiple jurisdictions, including FinCEN. Our direct integration makes it simple.

SAR Tracking & Analytics

Track the status of your SAR submissions and analyze your filings over time.

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