Automated suspicious activity reports

Compliance teams spend about ⅓ of their operating expenses on reporting suspicious activity. Hummingbird automates most of the STR / SAR filing process – saving you 2-4 hours per filing.

We help financial institutions and fintechs automate their SAR / STR filing globally.

Our clients include some of the largest banks, fintechs, and financial institutions, representing more than $3 trillion in assets.

  • “ This is a game changer, so much better than manually filing. It was a super smooth process. We’ve been able to save 7+ hours a week per person!”

    Financial Crimes Analyst at Stripe

  • “ Hummingbird has dramatically reduced the tedious aspects of compliance work and simplified working with our banking partner.”

    Chief Compliance Officer at Petal


The Only Patented Technology Automating Filings in 60+ FIUs*

Other vendors give you a form that looks suspiciously like the filing PDF. It’s still tedious to fill in and is prone to errors.

*Systems, methods, and storage media for providing information relating to suspicious financial activities to investigative agencies. Covered by US Patent. No. 11,367,082.

  • Report preparation (with your case information)
  • Validation to ensure that your filings are never rejected or receive warnings
  • Electronic transmission to the regulator, including tracking
  • SAR Accuracy

    • Dependable, accurate translation of your data to SARs
    • Validate SAR requirements on a per-FIU basis
    • Electronically submit prepared SARs to FIU
  • Quality Assurance

    • Fix validation issues before submission
    • Always stay up-to-date with changing SAR requirements
    • Ensure SAR quality assurance with pre-submission reviews
  • Process Efficiency

    • Submit SARs and track submission status with multiple FIUs
    • Receive notifications for any submission issues
    • Automate the tedious and error-prone aspects of SAR filing

SARs need to be validated at multiple levels

With hundreds of fields per report, building bespoke automation is both tedious and expensive.

Hummingbird has reimagined the entire SAR creation process. We’ve made it easier – and more accurate. We run your reports through thousands of validation tests before filing.

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