It’s time to modernize financial
compliance technology.

Smart financial companies are using Hummingbird to drive efficiency and insights in compliance.

Use Cases

AML Investigations & Reporting

Hummingbird is designed for financial crime investigations and reporting. We handle the tedious, repetitive, and fragmented parts of the process and refocus investigators on spotting bad behavior.

  • Case assignments and timelines so you never miss a beat
  • Data integrations and smart parsing to reduce manual processes
  • Workflow controls to ensure that you’re on policy every time
  • Detailed analytics that help you improve and report on your program

SAR Validation & Filing

Suspicious activity reports are complicated and demanding, but the information they contain is vital. Hummingbird can help you validate your SARs, ensure their accuracy, and transmit them securely to law enforcement.

  • Automatic SAR creation, validation, and filing through the Hummingbird platform
  • Modern APIs to ensure validation and provide simple electronic filing
  • Filing tracking and analytics to understand your AML practice area

Compliance Testing

Testing your compliance program shouldn’t be a tedious manual exercise. Hummingbird can coordinate the testing work, compile findings, and generate workpapers.

Dispute Claims & Chargebacks

Managing dispute claims and chargebacks to the requirements of Regulations E and Z can be difficult. Coordinate your dispute and chargeback responses with Hummingbird — we’ll keep you on time and compliant with requirements.

Bank & FinTech Collaboration

It's easy to coordinate shared compliance responsibilities between FinTechs and their sponsor banks with Hummingbird. Keep tabs on case management, coordinate investigation work, and make consistent referrals.

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