One size fits none.

Modular compliance technologies to meet your unique program needs.

Working With Us

Your compliance program is unique.

No single vendor can handle the compliance and risk program needs of a modern financial institution (although some are happy to say that they can). Hummingbird is built to work with your data sources and services, enabling you to tailor the perfect tech stack for your team.

Let’s do a quick compliance program audit:

  • KYC Data ✔️
  • Transaction monitoring ✔️
  • Case management 😬
  • Investigation work 🙏
  • SAR filings 🤦‍♀️
  • Exams 📝😬
  • Machine learning 👾

Compliance heroes deserve purpose-built tools.

Compliance teams are the heroes of the financial world. As much as we all love spreadsheets, your team needs purpose-built tools that free them from manual workflows and help them focus on fighting crime.

We believe compliance work can be better, and we’re here to make that happen.

We’re modular.

Hummingbird works with the data sources and other services you already have. We believe in modular compliance services, and our platform is easy to integrate with the rest of your tech stack.

No integration required

If you’re running your program in spreadsheets today, don't fret. Start using Hummingbird with the spreadsheets you already have, and integrate more deeply when you have time.

We ❤️ data science.

Data scientists spend most of their time structuring and cleaning data. We do this for you, automatically. Hummingbird transforms your data to a consistent format, adds your insights, and makes it easy to retrieve for analysis.

Ready to get started?

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