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Hummingbird Joins Visa Fintech Partner Connect to Bring Modern Compliance Platform to Visa’s Clients and Partners

Participation gives Visa clients access to a powerful set of compliance tools for building new digital-first experiences

Hummingbird | September 28, 2021

Hummingbird Selected as Member of the American Fintech Council

The Council works with leading consumer groups, CDFIs and academic leaders to promote responsible practices in financial innovation.

Hummingbird | May 25, 2021

Hummingbird Announced as Winner of Best Solution for Compliance & Risk in Bank Director's Best of FinXTech Awards

Financial partners’ assessment and strong results set Hummingbird apart.

Hummingbird | May 7, 2021

Hummingbird Expands Advisory Services to Offer Tailored Solutions for Financial Institutions

A Team of Regulatory and Technology Experts Answer Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering, BaaS, Information Security, and Anti-Fraud Questions.

Hummingbird | April 28, 2021

Central Banks Are Pondering the Privacy/Transparency Balance of CBDCs

Can we have both the societal good of more effective suspicious activity surveillance, along with safeguards for personal privacy? Possibly. Central bankers should explore how technology could achieve a balance of these two priorities, especially during these early stages of development.

Digital Transactions | April 8, 2021

A Third-Party Oversight Program That Works

The key to proving that the bank knows what it is doing is in its fintech oversight program. Funneling new partnerships through a standard third-party risk management program won’t cut it. Most were designed on the assumption that third parties would help the bank deliver services to its customers and the services offered were generally familiar.

ABA Risk and Compliance | April 1, 2021

Why Modern Regtech is the Key to a Successful Fintech

Creating a new fintech from scratch is an incredibly complex process. Founders need to define the concept, build the product, grow the team, attain approval from a bank partner, and get customers to try it out. From the founders’ perspective, all of these steps are necessary and require attention, but some could argue that compliance and regulation are some of the main factors founders need to address.

The FinTech Times | March 26, 2021

Hottest FinTech Startups 2021

California-based Hummingbird offers solutions to enhance anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing investigations — problems that have sucked in considerable governmental resources across the world and yet have not been really controlled.

International Business Times | March 16, 2021

American Fintech Council (AFC), The Leading Voice in Fintech, Adds 10 New Members, Diversifying Fintech Industry Participation

New members include some of the country’s leading neobanks, Varo and GreenDot, employer-based financial product provider, Salary Finance, and RegTech firm, Hummingbird, a compliance management platform.

AIThority | March 8, 2021

How the Edges of Financial Technology Could Change Regulation

What the U.S. financial regulatory framework really needs are large, fundamental overhauls and modernizations that will support a healthy, ever-changing financial services marketplace — not just through the next presidential administration, but further beyond, through the next several decades.

Bank Director | March 2, 2021

Capturing These Three Data Types Can Transform Your Fraud Monitoring

The various channels a customer can use to interact with a bank mean that the bank needs to spread its risk controls more widely. By contrast, fintech companies invest more deeply in digital capabilities. That investment mainly focuses on capturing additional data signals that can paint a more complete picture of customer activity to determine whether something feels off.

ABA Risk and Compliance | February 25, 2021

FinCEN Leaks and the Regulatory Aftermath: AMLA 2020 and 5AMLD

One of the big topics that we discussed with Joe was FinCEN files leaks and the anti-money-laundering environment in the U.S, and around the globe. Now, we walk you through a more detailed, regulatory explanation of the FinCEN leaks and their aftermath in terms of the newly implemented legislation, such as AMLA 2020.

RegTech Global | February 18, 2021

Three regtech developments to expect under Biden

We’ll see a stronger CFPB under the Biden administration. And in terms of lending in general, aside from the policymaking discussions, we’ve seen an explosion of lending in the fintech space, with lots of interesting ways to help people access more capital. On the lending side, there’s a lot of work and innovation being done.

FinLedger | February 17, 2021

Joe Robinson, CEO Of Hummingbird, Discusses FinCEN Leaks, FinTech, And AML

Joe Robinson, the co-founder, and CEO of Hummingbird spoke about the company’s mission, FinCEN files leaks, AML environment, the new AML act of 2020, FinTech and RegTech trends, and what we should expect from the Biden administration in the regulatory field.

RegTech Global | February 11, 2021

2021 Could Be A Big Year For AML

Looking ahead, we thinking 2021 is going to be a big year for anti-money laundering. From new beneficial owner tracking to driving efficiency with technology, we take a look at the things that will influence the practice area over the next 12 months.

ABA Risk & Compliance | December 30, 2020

Compliance Priorities for 2021

Surely 2020 has been the strangest year in our communal lives in the U.S. But as always, compliance responsibilities continue. As we begin a hopeful 2021, in our estimation, the following issues should be the priorities for compliance professionals focused on consumer regulation and COVID-related regulatory and supervisory risks.

ABA Risk & Compliance | December 17, 2020

Rethinking the Suspicious Activity Report

The Suspicious Activity Report is a fascinating document: it serves as the communication medium between the financial industry and law enforcement when it comes to matters of crime. In this post, we take a look at what institutions could do to improve their SAR filing practice area.

Corporate Compliance Insights | November 20, 2020

AML Compliance And Enforcement: Much Maligned But On A Path Toward Modernization

A key to more effective anti-money laundering initiatives is collaboration between financial institutions. We share our perspective in this post for the Global Associate of Risk Professionals.

Global Association of Risk Professionals | November 6, 2020

Compliance is the Cornerstone of Bank + FinTech Partnerships

For FinTechs in the payments space, it's important to be aware of how Regulations E and Z can affect your work. In this post for PaymentsSource, we look at the implications.

PaymentsSource | October 22, 2020

The Future of Compliance Will Require Clean Datasets

In this post for ABA Risk & Compliance, we look at a half-dozen AML data focal points for sorting out the digital past and preparing your financial institution for a data-driven future.

ABA Risk & Compliance | October 22, 2020

Hummingbird: Automating Financial Compliance Technology

Our CEO, Joe Robinson, sat down with the Homescreen Podcast team to talk about design and technology in the fight against financial crime. The session includes walkthroughs of some of our product flows.

Homescreen Podcast | October 7, 2020

Automation and AI Solutions in Risk and Compliance Testing

On the path towards financial compliance automation, risk and compliance testing are two practice areas that could be relieved of incredibly tedious manual processes. In this post for ABA Risk and Compliance our Regulatory Strategy Advisor, Lyn Farrell, looks at how we might get there and what the considerations would be.

ABA Risk and Compliance | September 10, 2020

Have Banks, FinTechs Compete To Bring Banking Services To Post Offices

Post Offices could bring financial services to underserved parts of the population, but how to set the services up is still in question. Our Regulatory Startegy Advisor, Lyn Farrell, offers her thoughts in this post for American Banker.

American Banker | August 14, 2020

Compliance and Risk Talent: Technologists First?

In this interview for ABA Risk and Compliance, we offer our thoughts on achieving the right mix of regulatory and technology expertise on modern compliance teams.

ABA Risk and Compliance | August 13, 2020

Compliance Modularity: A Path to Efficiency

We're believers in compliance solutions that are specialized, but easily integrated with other parts of your program. In this post for ABA Banking Journal, we look at the modular future of compliance technology.

ABA Banking Journal | August 6, 2020

Four FinTechs to Watch

"Hummingbird is like if a compliance team found itself on the Starship Enterprise. The systems compliance teams use rarely get love. Hummingbird is a love letter to doing compliance well." We couldn't agree more.

FinTech Brain Food | August 2, 2020

Software for detecting financial crime is in high demand. Here’s why.

"Investments in advanced software that can be used to detect money laundering are booming. Over the last year, banks and venture capitalists have poured tens of millions of dollars into the sector."

American Banker | July 16, 2020

Hummingbird Raises $8.2M To Automate Financial Compliance Technology

The RegTech Startup that Automates Suspicious Activity Investigation and Reporting Plans for Growth in Data Collaboration and Machine Learning.

Hummingbird | July 16, 2020

The Future of Investigations

Algorithms and data have the potential to dramatically improve the effectiveness of financial crime investigations, but only when harnessed with purpose-built investigation technologies. In this post for ACAMS Today, we look at the evolving nature of investigation tools.

ACAMS Today | June 25, 2020

The First FinTech Comptroller: Brian Brooks On His First Day In Office

Our co-founder, Jo Ann Barefoot, interviewed Brian Brookes just before he stepped into the role of acting Comptroller of the Currency at the OCC. Brian was with Coinbase and Fannie Mae in prior roles, and gives us a nice mention at the beginning of the podcast.

Alliance for Innovative Regulation | May 29, 2020

Fraudsters Exploiting the Pandemic: Evolving Fraud and Money Laundering Patterns

As a pandemic takes hold of the world, new fraud and money laundering types are on the rise. These are some of the patterns we are seeing and hearing about from the industry.

LinkedIn | April 7, 2020

Superpowers for Compliance Testing

Testing is an integral part of any compliance function, but can be a very manual process. Hummingbird can dramatically reduce the tedious steps in a compliance testing workflow, leading to efficient, well-documented testing operations.

Hummingbird | September 25, 2019

A Regulation Revolution In Financial Services

An interview of our co-founder Jo Ann Barefoot spanning RegTech, innovation in financial regulation, and Hummingbird (of course!).

Forbes | December 2, 2018

Banking Needs a RegTech Sandbox

"Sandboxes" could allow innovation in finance and regulation to flourish. In this article for American Banker, Hummingbird's Jo Ann Barefoot examines potential approaches to creating regulatory sandboxes in the US.

American Banker | November 2, 2018

Hummingbird Raises $3 Million to Modernize Anti-Money Laundering

With funding from Homebrew, Omidyar Network, TTV Capital, and Designer Fund, the company continues its mission to fight financial crime.

Hummingbird | October 22, 2018

Our talk at the ABA Financial Crimes Enforcement Conference

RegTech has the power to dramatically reduce costs and create efficiencies in the banking industry. Our very own Jo Ann Barefoot discusses the implications of RegTech at the American Banking Association's Financial Crimes Enforcement Conference.

Audio | May 8, 2018

Regtech Could Help Stop Human Trafficking

Approximately 17,000 children, women and men are sold and bought every year in America and around the world as lifelong slaves used for labor and sexual exploitation. In this article, we look at how Regtech can be a powerful means of fighting human trafficking.

American Banker | January 31, 2018

5 Technology Trends Driving Change In Banking

The banking world is changing due to innovations in technology. In this article for Texas Banking Magazine, we look at what these changes are, the challenges they present, and what banks can do to stay agile.

Texas Banking Magazine | January 1, 2018

Disrupting FinTech Law

A reprint of our article for Thomson Reuters' FinTech Law Report. In it, we look at recent innovations developing in the FinTech world and analyze the regulatory implications for these shifts.

PDF | April 1, 2015

Disrupting Consumer Financial Services

Consumer finance is changing rapidly – lending, payments, investment, and banking are evolving to incorporate new technologies. Regulations haven't kept up, though. In this article for Forbes, we look at the implications of lagging regulations on financial innovation.

Forbes | September 10, 2014